MSRP, ex-VAT 729.00 | £685.00 | $749.00

High-Speed Mini Broadcast Camera with 3.6mm Interchangeable Lens – HDMI 2.0 Output


The Marshall CV506-H12 is built for capturing high-speed action for detailed, high-definition slow-motion video but also able to deliver 60fps for clear crisp fast paced action. The CV506-H12 uses a 2-Megapixel, 1/2.8-inch sensor with HDMI output to capture crisp video images in progressive HD and interlace HD resolutions, and has frame rates that go all the way up to 120 fps in 1080p/720p for detailed HD slow-motion playback.

CV506-H12 can be controlled through RS485 (Visca) and has a range of adjustable image settings including paint (red/blue), white balance, exposure, gain, pedestal (black), gamma, shutter and more. The M12 lens mount can be used with fixed prime or varifocal lens options, and the lightweight, small footprint build enables it to be placed easily into tight, hard-to-reach locations for unique angles and viewpoints.

CV506-H12 is among the first additions to Marshall’s latest generation of compact and miniature cameras utilizing a fully redesigned body style and form factor. Special attention has been given to enhance durability in the field with the addition of new structural ‘wings,’ designed to give greater protection to rear connectors during use.

Sensor 2 Megapixel 1/2.8″ Sony Exmor
Video Outputs HDMI 2.0
Lens Mount M12 Mount
Control Interface RS-485 (PELCO & Sony VISCA)
Power Consumption 12V (7 to 15 VDC)
Camera Body Dimensions 55mm x 47mm x 40mm
Camera Body Weight 113g