MarCam Europe Ltd are the new EMEA distributor for Marshall Electronics Pro-Series mini cameras and associated accessories.

Throughout the past decade, our personnel have worked closely with Marshall Electronics, making us ideal partners to manage distribution throughout EMEA. Operating from the west of London, close to Heathrow Airport, we are ideally located to act as the ‘European Hub’ from which all stock will be held and service completed. As well as the obvious benefits of local stock, a unified multi-currency pricing structure across EMEA will ensure a fair market for all.

Included in Marshall Electronics’ pro-series camera range is the ever-popular CV502 mini broadcast camera. With a 1/3″ CMOS sensor, HD video is captured at 1080P, 1080i & 720P in all broadcast-compliant frame rates. CV502 incorporates an M12 lens mount, with numerous low-cost lens options covering all desired focal lengths.

In addition to the standard CV502, Marshall Electronics have also introduced the CV502-WPM – with an IP67 rated chassis. This provides water ingress protection when submersed up to 1m and total protection against dust, dirt & sand.

PTZ cameras are also part of Marshall Electronics’ pro-series camera range. The CV612HT-4K incorporates a professional 1-2/3″ image sensor and outputs 4K UHD, 1080P, 1080i & 720p in NTSC and PAL compatible frame rates. A smooth 12x optical zoom lens combined with quiet pan & tilt motors makes CV612HT-4K suitable for a wide range of broadcast applications.

To simplify setup and settings adjustment on all their cameras, Marshall have developed the compact CV-RCP-V2 remote control hand unit. This all-in-one device will have the capacity to control 7 cameras at once, with parameters including white balance, shutter speed, iris & ISO available to change in an instant.


Please contact your usual dealer or MarCam Europe direct for more information.