Marshall’s CV506 full-HD miniature camera offers performance and flexibility, with simultaneous 3G-SDI & HDMI outputs and value in a tiny form factor. It is designed to capture detailed shots, while maintaining an ultra-discreet miniature point-of- view perspective.

The CV506 offers a powerful professional video solution for users working across multiple broadcast applications. As a frontrunner of Marshall’s new line of point-of- view cameras and an upgrade to the popular Marshall CV505, the CV506 incorporates new technology including a sensor that is 30% larger for better picture, colour depth and low light performance, along with an improved housing design.

Users will notice a true step-up in colour and clarity, as well as improved signal strength and ultra-low noise output. The CV506 delivers ultra-crisp, clear progressive HD video up to 1920 x 1080p at 60/59/50 fps and interlaced 1920 x 1080i at 60/59.94/50 fps.

With interchangeable lenses and remote adjustability for matching with other cameras, the CV506 can capture detailed shots, while maintaining an ultra-discreet point-of-view perspective without sacrificing versatility or convenience. The CV506 offers all frame rates in one model. In addition, newly added stereo audio inputs and 23.98 fps for TV and cinema production is now standard on all models.

The design of the CV506 demonstrates Marshall’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions for users calling for discreet yet powerful image capture capabilities. Measuring in at just a few inches, the CV506 allows for camera placements that many traditional broadcast cameras simply cannot offer. It features a new body style with locking I/O connections and the addition of white clip and pedestal control, with remote image adjustment capability.

Performance-wise, the CV506 continues Marshall’s trend of providing impressive image quality. Featuring a next generation 2.5 megapixel sensor, the CV506 delivers ultra-crisp, clear progressive full-HD video. The CV506’s threaded M12 lens mount offers a wide range of prime and varifocal lens options, allowing users a versatile set of shot angles.

The CV506 also comes with an impressive array of picture adjustment settings including white balance, gain control, white clip, exposure, gamma and more, all of which can be adjusted through an OSD menu joystick. Sporting full-sized BNC and HDMI outputs and a locking I/O power connection, its Hirose breakout cable triples as a power, control and stereo audio input port. The camera’s rear panel offers easy and reliable connections, while maintaining a concise housing unit.

The CV506 features industry-leading low power consumption and ultra-low light technology to offer the lowest noise ratio on the market today, allowing users to capture sharp, vivid colour images in all sorts of light conditions. It also offers focal length and field-of-view flexibility with interchangeable lenses, remote control over RS485 and the convenience of full-size 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI outputs to maintain broadcast-level standards for point-of-view camera applications.